No More Fear Lives Here!!

  I've Made the Decision that Im No Longer Gonna Let Fear Live here!! I've Had enough of the Constant Anxiety & Fear of Life!! For Way Too Long I've Let Fear & Anxiety Live inside of Me Slowly Destroying My Thoughts & Heart and Dreams Of Happiness. I Release all this Negativity Outside of … Continue reading No More Fear Lives Here!!

An open letter to everyone: Being human 

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I give a lot of talks about Autism. Often people in the audience remark that I seem to be talking more about being human than just speaking on Autism. Given recent changes in the world and the fact that I think I do have some useful thoughts, I drafted this open letter to everyone on thoughts about being human and doing it well. Here goes…

Genetically, we are thousands of times more similar than we are different. Focussing on difference and particularly being prejudiced or judgemental because someone is different to us is not only very rude and unhelpful, it is also foolish. We are all a bit the same and a little bit different.

On that note, prejudice on any demographic characteristic is just stupid. Has a racist met everyone from the country whose people they don’t like? If not, how can they form an opinion about the whole…

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